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Why I Created Ordinary Badass

Hint: I did it for you.

You've read the self help books and articles. You've watched the TED talks. You've followed the change makers and tried to think positively.

Maybe you've gone a step further and done the firewalks or attended the retreats and coaching sessions. Yet life is still not giving you what you'd hoped and you keep finding yourself stuck in the same patterns. Why is that?

Because all that inner work is only as valuable as it serves you practically in the real world.

And while goat yoga, vision-boarding, meditating in nature and jumping into a waterfall might make you feel really good while you're doing it, and of course has some benefits, it's hard to relate to that experience when you get back home to a house full of dirty dishes or wake up every day and go into that job you hate.

I'm not saying don't do those adventurous and life-expanding things. If you enjoy it (and by it I mean any type of self-care and personal developent practice), you aren't going into debt to do it, and it helps you meet nice people who are also on the path of self-discovery, then I enthusiastically recommend that you do it. I have, and still do some of those things myself, and I am grateful that there are people out there offering us experiences like that in the world.

But I see a lot of personal development work failing to yeild the results we hope, because it's not easy to apply it to your real life. As much as we wish it did, real transformation doesn't happen in those big, high adrenaline experiences but in the ordinary, mundane moments of our everyday life.

I remember when I started my own journey, reading or watching something and thinking, "yes! that's what I want. But I don't know how." I wanted to be more mindful and live in the here and now. I wanted to be less anxious and worried. I wanted to feel closer to people, and to mend the difficult relationships in my life. And I wanted to know who I really was and what my purpose in life was.

As grateful as I was to all the teachers I encountered along the way, I had to go to many sources to get what I needed. I also had to wade through an awful lot of new-age woo that really didn't appeal to my need for rational evidence.

What I really needed and wanted was someone to break it all down into simple and easy steps for me. So essentially, I really wish there had been something like this when I started looking for help myself and this site is the culmination of what I've learned both personally and as a mental health and wellbeing professional over the last two decades.

So I've created this site to offer you

  • lots of free videos and articles on things that are grounded in up-to-date science and are known to work when applied consistently;
  • podcast inteviews with inspiring people;
  • regular introductory webinars to support your personal development work;
  • the intensive 8-week course to help you develop greater self-awareness and practical skills to help you show up, to act with courage and integrity, and make your ordinary life way more badass; and
  • a supportive online community so you don't have to go it alone.
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