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The Ordinary Badass Philosophy

A brief introduction

The Ordinary Badass Approach...what's it all about?

In my personal journey from a stressed out, perfectionistic, ever-striving and very unhappy person to a very fulfilled, relaxed and joyful person* I have learned some valuable lessons. I have also been working to promote heath and wellbeing as a professional for 20+ years, including the last seven years in private practice as a counsellor and wellbeing trainer.

When I was doing my psychology degree and training as a therapist in my 20s I felt really disillusioned. The counselling world looked nothing like me - it was stuffy, middle-aged and middle-class. I was a young enthusiastic kid who wanted to live life to the fullest and overcome some issues from her past. I like off cracking jokes and trust people who swear. While well meaning and very kind, the people I was encountering as role models didn't inspire me. So I became a community activist instead. I saw the very real obstacles ordinary people live with every day. I saw the broken systems that didn't meet people's needs. And I saw how isolated so many people were. I also saw first hand just how quickly people glazed over when a "professional in a suit" swooped in and started telling them what they needed to develop resilience or feel empowered about their shitty circumstances.

So when I decided to set up my private practice in 2012, I decided that I was going to be the kind of therapist and teacher I had wished for all those years ago. While I may now be middle-aged, I certainly don't need to be stuffy and inaccessible. My greatest gift is to be real and down to earth. So that's what I do.

My work is grounded by current research and scientific understanding derived from my study and work in the field of mental health, personal develpment and psychology. But I can explain that in simple ways that help you understand how it applies to your life. I can then show you the steps to start applying it by taking action. And I'm providing a space online and in person for people to come together and support each other, because one of the key things I've learned along the way is that it's really, really hard to change in isolation.

* most of the time!

In the coming weeks I will be publishing a series on the Key Principles of the Ordinary Badass Approach.

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